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This work was marketed as a Kindle Single, which I didn’t know was a “thing” prior to this experience. I guess Kindle Singles are like novellas? I think it was longer than a short story, but I have trouble judging that type of thing in “kindle pages” as opposed to actual pages.

Anyway, the story was great – Demon other world abandoned car parked at a Mile 81 rest stop devouring good samaritans at will. Super creepy. Super King.

There’s not a ton more to say without just telling you everything that happens, so I’ll let you read it, that is – if you have a Kindle or Kindle App – it’s only $2.99 on Amazon, so not too much of an investment, either in time or money, to add a little creep factor to your to-read list.

I don’t dislike the idea of Kindle Singles – I wish they’d employ it more, for new authors, or for selling single stories of a short story collection. It could be used as an “appetizer” of reading.

What are your thoughts on this concept?