This blog is primarily a place for me to practice the craft of writing and continuing to hone the various aspects of written communication. I thought long and hard about what direction I wanted to take this blog in before launching. I had previously blogged solely about running and my various running journeys. However, being pigeon-holed into one particular topic to write on was rather burdensome, and eventually boring. I consider myself to be a thinker, and have many diverse interests. I would like a place to write on any and all topics, and so came The Garden of Clio.

Clio is the ancient Greek muse of history. If there’s anything that inspires me in a way that many might refer to as a “calling,” it would be history. I find so much passion and interest in many historical topics, and I love the rigorous, thorough process of writing, recording, analyzing, and interpreting history. I believe time-lapsed reflection on events and cultures provides us with a deeper insight to understanding ourselves and how we interact with each other and different institutions. I also find the diminished emphasis put on the study of history in the modern world to be a bit disconcerting. How do we know where we are in the continuum of human development if we don’t understand where we’ve already been?

This is not to say that this will be solely a history blog. I will address historical issues from time to time, and review works of history and historical fiction – but my interests are vast. The point of this blog is for me to have an outlet to write and record things that I think are worthwhile, and I do hope that you, the readers, will find some of it interesting as well. I, as all of us are, am a complex and developing person (at least I hope we are all continuing to develop as life goes on). I have framed this blog in such a way that it can grow and develop and change as I do.

The bottom line is, I want to write – about anything really. I’ve known for quite sometime that there’s a strong desire within me to write, write frequently, and write about any of the myriad of topics that interest me. In fact, when searching for a job, friends often ask “what sort of work would you like to do?” The answer is often a wishy-washy shrug of the shoulders and a response of “I’m not all that picky, I just want to be able to write.” Well, unfortunately, paying the bills often wins out against being able to do what you’d like to in terms of employment. It has finally occurred to me that it is not necessary for writing to be my source of income, I can just write because I like to and want to write.

And so was born The Garden of Clio. My own space to write, analyze, and discover at my leisure, and hopefully bring a few others along for the ride.


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